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Hi, my name is Petr,
Visual Designer based in Czechia.

Beeing a Visual (UI) Designer is privillage to me. I started as self-tought young guy pushing a pixels for fun into well knowledge professional putting so much effort into making a succesfull Desktop and Mobile Application Interfaces.

Interface design is not the bad or the good one. There is only succesfull one or not. Successfull interface design means to me the interface where you users feels comfortable to navigate and reach your golas.

I am really happy to introduce to you a few small projects I’ve been working as a side projects while working for Lemonero as a Lead Visual Designer.

Throw the years I’ve learnt focus on the skills more than new tools. There is no reason to changing this flow while using the best tools on the globe like Figma, Webflow, Notion or Adobe.

This path helps me to send monthly newsletters to my 15k+ community about the Design Tips and Tricks, Tools and Deals.

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