A look back at my first year on Creative Market as the Seller


February 5, 2023



A year as a Creative Market seller: a rollercoaster ride emphasizing patience. With a focus on Figma templates, icons, and marketing assets, sales have been challenging. Among the offerings, marketing assets are my most successful, followed by icons and Figma templates.

When I first joined Creative Market, I didn't have any sales for the first three months. Now, I'm seeing an increase in sales every month, with up to 10 sales per month. I'm confident that this trend will continue!

Creative Market is a competitive space

The Creative Market is quite a competitive space, you will come across many other designers who are much better than you and who have a lot more content. Remember to be patient, keep uploading your designs, and don't give up!

I am currently managing 120 products and trying to bring at least one new product to the Creative Marker each month. By having a large volume of products, you have more opportunities to make sales.

What's more, you have to find your best match for what's the most important for Creative Market users, and what you are most skilled in. Once you find this great fit, the customers and your community will grow with you over time.

It's a process of continuous learning

I am still in the phase of learning and constantly developing my store. I have been considering moving out from Creative Market because of their high 50% commission, but let me tell you, it's still worth it - Creative Market is really large.

A year in numbers

Revenue:  $461
Sales:  $189
Items:  120+

I am excited about the opportunities and experiences the upcoming year will bring.

Note: All the sales coming from selling digital products are a part of my side income.
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