๐Ÿ‘ถ A new chapter is beginning in my life, as well as in Webflow and Adobe!


November 21, 2023



I am currently going through an extremely challenging, but also extremely beautiful time. A few weeks ago we welcomed a perfectly healthy daughter. I am grateful to be a father for the second time. Nothing could make me happier!

I naively thought that after the first child I would be ready for everything. But the new addition convinced me otherwise, because I had to change my functioning significantly. I work from home and we live in a small apartment. With four of us squeezed in, we had to find a way to provide me with a working environment where I could have time to just โ€œcatch the flowโ€. It took us three weeks to find it, and it was successful โ€“ I'm able to fully concentrate on my work again.

Although I planned to attend two important conferences, fate had other plans โ€“ which is unfortunate for me as a Webflow Designer, but fortunately I was able to watch them later. Specifically, these were the Webflow Conference and Adobe Max.

What was presented at the conferences?

Webflow Conference

Webflow introduced a completely new visual identity. Congratulations to the whole team! From my point of view, the visuals look very cohesive, even though user reviews have not always been positive. The redesign is a step in the right direction for me.

The most important change for me is the possibility of multilinguality, which saves me a lot of time when working on client projects that operate in several countries around the world. Variables or improvements within the Webflow plugin that simplify work in Figma are also great.

But the news is far from over. I was pleased to see the possibility to insert custom CSS. This feature will support better styling, as it will not be necessary to insert custom code for basic functions like word wrapping and the like.

Webflow is strengthening its position in the website builder market. It is expanding its component features, which are also improving user-friendliness. The introduction of a new panel for content editors makes it easier to manage properties. You will also notice slots in components that will make them much more flexible.

I also appreciate the creation of Webflow Apps. So far, I only use a few apps, but gradually more are being created, which strengthen the power of Webflow, because you will no longer have to click from the platform to other apps as before. One app that I find extremely interesting is Shopyflow, for example, which Aras Kavakli tweeted about.

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Users have discovered the DOM element, which opens easier ways to implement functions and elements that were previously only possible to be inserted as custom code. Whatโ€™s more, this function has been announced as the native element of Webflow Panel. Welcome DOM.

Several enhancements have also been released for the Arc browser users that adjust the contrast or coloring of the entire interface.

Last but not least, I was inspired by how to approach projects and the overall web development process on Webflow. Even though I already have my process in place, I don't shy away from innovation, in fact, I welcome it. I appreciate the return to listening to the community, which I've found to be in a bit of a decline in recent years.

Thanks to this year's conference, I believe I am in the best hands with my clients for future web development on Webflow.

Adobe Max

Just like Microsoft, Adobe has started to pedal into AI at an incredible speed. It is already a standard part of their programs. However, one of the biggest milestones is definitely the introduction of Adobe Firefly Model 2, which will give users much better control over the output, and you can also rely on much more efficient image generation.

Illustrator has introduced an innovative "Text-to-vector" feature that allows you to generate vector illustrations, subjects, scenes and icons based on simple prompts.

Another great feature is Retype, which lets you search for fonts by scanning images and converting static text into editable text.

Text-Based Video Editing in Premiere Pro was also introduced at the conference. It gives you the ability to edit videos using prompt texts. You can also now rely on Enhance Speech in this program, which eliminates surrounding noise, and can filter out fillers like "uhm" and the like. With one click!

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Image Raw introduced AI Lens Blur, which uses AI to complement a DSLR camera blur.

Next, Adobe Photoshop has finally launched its online version. This will greatly simplify the work of all those who do not want to constantly click from the browser to the program.

If you follow the news, you know that Adobe bought Figma. A lot of people have resisted this, but the latest showing of system integrations looks very promising! The news was covered by Dylan Field on Twitter:

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I managed to put in some serious work โœ๏ธ

Despite this chaotic month, I managed to write a few articles. As a no-code fanatic, I analyzed the web development tools in more detail. I present it from the perspective of a visual graphic designer as well as the client.

Next, I decided to write a series of micro articles about web development. The first one is about appropriate tools for optimizing website images and their overall impact.

My product e-shop on Gumroad is expanding with new projects and updates. I have decided to offer my PPC templates as well (in which, among other things, I offer the possibility of final implementation for you or your clients). I have added 50 new elements to Abstract Scribbles (there are now 150 in total and more will definitely be added).

And I almost forgot โ€“ I'm recruiting new associates. If you're into illustration, website or app design and have some spare capacity, feel free to send me your portfolio along with your hourly rate. Outside of my main job, I'm also running my micro agency, where I'm looking for experts to join me to assist with certain activities. Interested? Email me at bilekpetr92@gmail.com!

Life is about balance โš–๏ธ

I realize I have a lot of unfinished business with you, which I am now catching up on. That's why I'm not even writing a more educational email, but I'm basically breaking down what I've missed.

However, I believe that I am gradually succeeding and I am finding a new balance between work and family. My motto is "Family first". And as my family has grown, I have begun to resonate with it even more deeply. It is extremely important for me to be close to my family.

I'm the kind of person who doesn't need much to be happy. I'm sure you know that if you've been following me for a while. I don't invest much in the latest stuff, but I believe in skill over tools. However, I did treat myself and bought a new Sony A7 II DSLR camera to capture all the precious moments in my family, of which there are now plenty. ๐Ÿ™‚

What else is there to add? ๐Ÿค”

I try to live mostly in the present moment. So I don't know what's next and I'm reluctant to plan anything in depth. Then everything just kind of flows by itself. And I believe that in the moment, everything is always as it should be.

I hope that you too are experiencing joyful moments now as I am. And if you don't, don't despair. I too have experienced many downs, but also many ups. If things aren't going well, they'll get better soon.

Enjoy all the little things.

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