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January 17, 2024



I was 17 years old when I started experimenting with website design. Day and night, I studied the limited tools available then and later delved into consumer psychology. I aimed to ensure that my designs were aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and user-friendly.

My obvious dedication led to a realization that this it – the field that I want to focus on for the long-term. I was excited about all the stuff that I’m going to learn and implement, so potential clients would see the added value in my work, sparking their interest in cooperation.

However, I couldn’t have predicted the times that we are now facing. With the arrival of AI, everything has changed. Actually, the tools these days are so advanced that many designers are giving up, believing their efforts are futile because virtually anyone can create a compelling website now.

Considering all the no-code platforms readily available, this might seem true. But it’s far from easy. Actually, there are so many options now that people become overwhelmed and  freeze, unsure of what action to take. This applies not only to design but to virtually everything. When the food was scarce, customers were happy with whatever they could get. Now, supermarkets overflow with options, many unheard of, leading to indecision about what to eat.

To create a website that is firing on all cylinders, you have to know what you’re doing. You must choose the right tools, understand design nuances and user experience, and have a keen sense of your audience’s needs and expectations. Sure, you can consult a chatbot for advice, but it has one minor drawback: it’s not human. It can only scan the internet for relevant answers, but the real value of those can vary.

So, are human designers making their way to the endangered species list? I don’t really think so.

While tools are improving as we’re speaking, a human’s intuition and profound understanding of customers remain absolutely vital.

Don’t be scared to use AI and no-code platforms like Webflow as valuable helpers in your workflow. But remember, you’re creating designs for humans, not robots.

"One day AI will transform our world. But it's important to remember that intelligence is not just about how you think; it's also about how you relate."

- Fei-Fei Li
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What is your opinion about AI and its impact on your work? Share with me your thoughts.

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