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July 8, 2021

Coming back to the roots

Moving back to the roots means to me a lot. After years of pushing pixels and premium products, I've decided to stay only working on freebies and a single premium product.

Why is that so?

Time, time, time. A lot of things has changed throw the year. I have bacame to be a father. We are moving to the new house and also a lot of client work (like building webflow sites and more) has come up. Which means I've been not able to update properly the premium products. So I've decided to scratch them from my products at all.

Why Iconuioo stayed as Premium?

I put so much effort to Iconuioo package. The icons still means a lot of fun and relax to me, so I will stay with updates on this package.

What next?

I'll be focusing on updating a freebies like Line Icon Pack - where I've started on working the solid versions of icons. You can check the sneak-peak on my Dribbble.

Also you have requested for additional components to the others products which I will try to update for you.

And the last ... I am going to sending the newsletters to you.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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