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January 10, 2024



It's mind-boggling how everything is evolving!

This has happened for a while, but now everything is moving at warp speed, ten times faster. Our world is becoming incredibly dynamic and ever-changing with futuristic technologies and constant advancements in science and technology. Every day, new inventions and discoveries reshape our lives and open up new possibilities.

While it used to be common to wait months for results, you can now get them within days or even hours.

I remember when we meticulously designed each page in Photoshop, creating folders full of .psd files for every page. But now? We have a cloud-based tool that takes care of everything - from sketching to prototyping and many other unlimited possibilities, using artificial intelligence and other services.

It's amazing how technology advances, allowing us to do things we couldn't imagine before. I love this progress, even though I can't stand how quickly everything changes. It's like riding an emotional roller coaster. But despite feeling confused and surprised, I love my work and all the new possibilities it brings. It's just this mix of emotions that forces me to adapt and go with the flow.

However, it's incredibly important to find your own thing in every sense simply. It's great to be good at everything, but it's even worse not to stand out in anything. And by this, I don't mean being specific to just one area. It's also important to carry your unique signature that is unmistakable and resonates with a certain group. Personally, it took me a long time to realize this.

It's great to be good at everything, but it's even worse not to stand out in anything.

Looking back, the people with whom I collaborate on web and no-code projects, almost 80% of the time, are engaged in smaller projects. These typically involve the creation of concise, informative websites with basic CMS, such as blogs or other lists. They choose me over others due to my design mark. I primarily follow the design content that fits the theory, prioritizing text and content strategy. My design touchmark includes custom shapes and basic layout patterns that enhance the visibility of the main content.

Another potential reason could be a human-centric aspect. I strive to be as humble as possible for various reasons. While revenue is important, happiness holds even greater value.

Perhaps that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. It's simply about finding your spot. P.

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Have you already found your best spot? Could you share with me your insights?

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