How I will become a better designer tomorrow


December 22, 2022

As a UI designer, there are several tips that I wish I had followed at the start of my career. These tips would have helped me to become a more skilled and successful designer, and they can also benefit other designers who are just starting out in their careers. The tips include focusing on the fundamentals of design and user experience, seeking out feedback and critique, networking and building relationships, prioritizing user research and testing, and regularly updating and improving my portfolio.

By following these tips, younger designers can gain valuable knowledge and skills, build a strong professional network, and position themselves for success in the field of UI design.

I would stop being obsessed with trends

I will make learning and mastering the fundamentals of design and user experience my top priority. By focusing on these key areas, I can lay down a strong foundation for my design skills. This will enable me to create designs that are both effective and intuitive, meeting the needs of my users. What's more, by becoming an expert in the fundamentals, I will be able to develop innovative solutions to complex design problems.

I will find out more value in networking

Networking and building relationships with other designers, developers, and industry stakeholders are important for several reasons. By networking, I have access to experienced professionals who can provide me with advice and guidance, opportunities to collaborate on projects, and potential job openings. Building positive relationships with others also allows me to develop a positive reputation within the industry, which can lead to more networking opportunities and job prospects in the future.

Networking can help me to build my professional network and gain visibility within the industry, which can lead to further career opportunities and growth. This can include attending design conferences, joining professional organizations, and participating in online design communities to connect with other professionals in the industry.

There is one platform that has changed my path. It was Twitter where I found and connect with the most talented designers and experts around the world.

I will be making a research first

Another tip I would give myself is to prioritize user research and testing in my design process. By conducting user research and testing, I can gain a deep understanding of the needs and behaviors of my users, which will allow me to create designs that are effective and intuitive for them. This can include conducting user interviews, surveys, and usability testing to gather data and feedback on the user experience.

By incorporating user research and testing into my design process, I can ensure that my designs meet the needs of my users and provide a positive user experience. This can help me to avoid making costly mistakes, such as design choices that do not align with user needs or industry standards.

Incorporating user research and testing into my design process can help me to create designs that are more user-friendly and effective, which can lead to better user engagement and satisfaction.

I will keep my portfolio up-to-date

As a designer, it's important to keep your personal site or portfolio up-to-date with your latest work and projects. This not only allows potential clients or employers to see your current abilities and style, but it also showcases your dedication and commitment to your craft.

Regularly updating your portfolio can help to improve your online presence and search engine optimization, making it easier for others to find and view your work.

Being yourself

As a designer, it's important to stay true to your own style and voice. This means being authentic and honest in your work, and not trying to imitate others or follow trends just for the sake of fitting in.

Staying true to your own style and voice, you can create work that is uniquely yours and that truly resonates with your audience.

Wish you a super creative week and stay safe,

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I hope you will find out some tips helpful on your creative path as a designer. Feel free to chat with me on Twitter @BilekUI.

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