How to design a successful website? Clear structure might be the winner


June 6, 2022

Becoming a designer quick and easy

Do you have vision and ideas that will surpass expectations of even the most demanding customer? Then you should go all in with the development. Be careful with being overly creative though. Designers usually begin as visual designers. Over time they learn about the interface, conversion, user interface, accessibility and usability. Creativity is the base of success for every designer but being overly creative might hurt your final work.

You design for the user.

The user psychology, a complicated, ever-evolving subject, plays a significant role in the development. One thing is sure. People are lazy by nature and they will try to find the easiest way to fulfill their task on a website. Are they supposed to buy something? Then they will want to perform as few clicks as possible. A website layout that is too complicated is undesirable. That’s why you should pick creative solutions in a way that allows the website to fulfill its goals in the easiest way possible.

How to find a balance between creativity and original design

When developing a design, you need to be original while using elements that will attract peoples attention. At the same time the website should get the user to his goal faster than the competition. It only takes a second for the user to make a judgement about your design. This first impression is key to decide if they remain on the page or leave.

The surveys show that people love icons they’re used to. For example, if they want to register for a newsletter, they expect to find the subscription box in the right sidebar. How convenient it is to find it right there. Why place it anywhere else? It’s good to keep already functioning stereotype and prototype of a convenient website in mind when creating the design.

Watch out for prototype and variations

When developing a web design, the most important is the target group of users. If you’re designing a website for young people, their expectations can be very different. A classic design might give them an impression that the website is outdated. On the other hand, if you’re designing a website for an unspecified group of users, it might be better to follow more safer prototype version of the site.

Each website has its own level of difficulty and volume of content. The more complicated the site is, the more energy is required from the users to explore it. Get to know who your visitors will be and what is the goal of the website. Is it supposed to entertain? To create an environment for communication? To sell as many services an goods?

How to create a nice web design?

Creative website design is desirable. There are, however, certain rules that should be followed or broken only when you’re absolutely sure. Are you a beginner web developer or beginner graphic designer?  Do you want to create your own blog or e-shop? Break through to the world of successful websites with these simple tricks.

Follow these steps when developing a design

Stick to the basic structure - which will help to user to better orientate on your website.

Focus on the important things - if you’re only offering one product, it should be listed on the main page. Focus your idea on the main product or service.

Create a clear website - it takes around five minutes for a new user to orientate themselves. Make it easy for them with a clear structure. Certain pictures and titles can definitely help.

✍️ Fill your website only with important content - is your website thematic? Stick to that content and don’t write about other topics. Also avoid long paragraphs.

What will completely kill your website?

Structuring the paragraphs all over the website without any sense - creativity correlates with design, but too much of anything can be damaging. Overly creative website can discourage visitors from purchasing your service or goods.

Long paragraphs - long texts over 1000 words will completely clog the website. Do you want to pass important information to your visitors? Split the text into multiple paragraphs.

Only share important information - “throwing” words around just to fill your website is a complete killer, just as straying away from your key topic.

What is UX design

Another important task of the designer is to create a design that will evoke a UX - User Experience. What it really is? UX represents the impression that the visitor left with. As a designer you want to control the final impression your website gives.

The purpose of designing a user experience is to evoke emotions, impressions, feelings. It’s obvious that you can’t accomplish great UX without knowing how the offered product can evoke any emotions with the visitor. Real UX designer can use his creativity to directly target the user and sell any product using the strategy and a little bit of psychology.

Does responsive design have its bugs?

From the standpoint of graphic design it has to be able to cope with breakpoint designs. Not with the website content. Every designer takes responsive design as a challenge. It brings diversity, innovation, a bit of their self and original graphic design into their work which will entertain people for many years to come.

When creating a responsive web design, the graphic designer faces very strict restrictions. Developing a design is simply work that has to surpass its time. And it can only become good through its timeless appearance.

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