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August 17, 2022

The problem is, if you adopt this kind of mindset, you are putting yourself under a lot of stress. You study and analyze the project countless times only to find out that more is going to have to be added. Realize this: it’s unsustainable. Not only will you ever truly be ready to submit the project, you are putting yourself under serious risk of burnout syndrome. One of the main causes of this is overwhelming yourself with so many requirements that you just can’t keep up.

Look around you: not a single item is perfect. Your phone will eventually break down. With use, it’s going to get slower and slower until one day, you won’t be able to turn it on. Your car? It has to be refueled once in a while because otherwise you won’t get it moving. One day, you wake up only to see that the bread you bought yesterday is already moldy.

If everybody had to lead their product to absolute perfection before launching it to the public, today we would have nothing. Not even electricity.

It’s crucial to learn to submit your design project that is just good enough. And instead of trying to deliver the perfect product, try to come up with the simplest solution possible. In the early stages of the project, there’s no way for you to know which solution will be the best. Only the feedback from the target users can determine what you need to improve in order to enhance usability.

What is perfection, really?

Primarily a matter of perspective. What you consider to be absolutely flawless might go unnoticed or even criticized by the other side. Realize that the target users might under appreciate your effort because they just didn’t have the chance to see the previous version of the project. Therefore, they don’t have anything to compare it to.

Define the important and minor tasks

Compile a list of features that are really important for the project and minor ones that don’t have to be focused on that much for now. You might be surprised at the amount of time you tended to give details that wouldn’t make that much of a difference. After defining these tasks, you can start working and complete the project in the easiest possible way.

If you want to build an excellent design, you will have to repeat this step various times. However, from the second time, the things you need to focus on will be backed by user feedback and data.

Letting go of perfection means creating a much better website

Letting go of perfecting every single element and focusing primarily on delivering the simplest solution possible brings a lot of benefits. You will deliver the project much earlier meaning the website can get exposure a lot earlier as well.

You will also get earlier feedback from the visitors. That way, you will be able to act upon it and compile a list of data-based objectives that will have to be reached in the future. 

Keep in mind that the negative feedback that is constructive is the most valuable set of data that you will have at your disposal. There’s no point in taking it too personally. UI design can never be perfect, it is a never-ending project that you keep on improving. 

Does your client expect perfection?

While you might agree with the points I’ve made, you may be thinking that your client won’t understand the approach. That’s completely possible. And pretty common too – some clients won’t be able to resist the urge to say something like: “I expected the design to be better”.

Don’t feel bad that you didn’t take more time working on it. It’s in human nature to judge. It’s your job to explain to them that the design you just shared is just a small step towards excellence. 

Pro tip: teach the clients that design is like an ever evolving organism. Always receiving feedback which is then used for improvement.

Delivering the simplest solution possible is a true sign of a professional. UI/UX design is made for users, so they should determine its features. If you adopt this kind of mindset, you will reach a much better productivity and flexibility. 

Wish you super productive week,
P + Team.

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