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May 2, 2021

Lowering the prices as much as possible 🔥

Thanks to you my side projects are getting in pretty good shape. As a part of my business move, I've decided to lower prices on my products as much as possible to get more affordable Icons and UI projects specially for you 🤝.

Iconuioo: Fastest Growing Icon Library

Dropped out the prices from $20 to $6 bucks per seat. So you will get 1.080 icons for a handy price.

Email Starter‍

Decreased the prices from $16 to $4. Craft Incredible Emails With Email Starter today. Including the most often used templates and layouts for designing email templates.

Sassiii - Theme Builder‍

Sassiii has been developed with a simple purpose: to help designers, marketers or developers design their own SaaS websites with intuitive Figma Layouts adaptive to your brand and content.

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