Why Todoist has become to be my major task management tool


2023-03-01 13:03



However, I am not one of them. I would rather say that I am trying to balance an accurate in the middle. In my sense, the perception of a health center. I want to be informed, but I don't want to be overwhelmed by the amount of information.

Todoist helps me with that.

Todoist is a tool for scheduling tasks, but it also works great as a calendar or event notifier from my point of view. Why a calendar or a notifier? Simply. Todoist offers 2-way sync with calendars. Thanks to that, I have the opportunity to add or delete important events quickly and easily.

Great for personal and work-life-balance

I personally tried a lot of tools: NotionMondayAsanaClickUpTrello and others. Each of them is great, but none of them give me an easy transition between work and personal tasks.

In my view of things, Todoist approaches things a little differently. I can easily manage personal events from a doctor's visit, family, or roadmaps to my products. And on the other hand, what awaits me in the near future in my work: from the meeting to graphic design across all projects and sectors.

Event notifier and task manager in one

Thanks to great integrations, for me, the Todoist also serves as an event notifier. I enclose a few tips for integration and how I work with them.

Google Calendar - Must have!

2way-sync is, for me, the strongest feature that todoist offers. I wouldn't say I like to manage calendar events. Thanks to todoist, I can plan and change everything right in it.

Slack / Teams - Recommended

It often happens to me that the task begins from the conversation. Thanks to this integration, I can plan or save tasks directly from the chat with one click and continue working with them.

I'm increasingly starting to get a taste for this integration, and it's a great help. Therefore, I highly advocate it to everyone who uses one of the chatting tools.

Gmail - email to Todoist! - Recommended

Boom! One-click, and it's almost done. I frequently have work or personal emails, where the conversation results in some assignments and deadlines. Thanks to this integration, I can quickly return to email conversations and work better with my time.

Chrome extension - Must have!

Must have an extension. I use it almost daily. I often browse the site for inspiration to work or personal reading. It often happens that I don't have time for that immediately, but I know that I would like to return to it. This extension helps me to do that. It serves as a kind of partial bookmark for me.


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It's the center of my professional activities, and it doesn't end there.

To understand my position: my main job is as a product designer at Lemonero. However, in my free time, I work as a freelancer with agencies that use their task-management tools. I also work on my projects.

Thanks to great integrations directly with other tools such as Trello, Jira, and others, it merely notifies me that something new has been added. Where what cannot achieve these integrations, I use Make to supplement automation for tools such as Clickup or Notion.

Thanks to this, I easily know what is happening, and I can then further delegate my tasks directly through Todoists.

It's a helper, where Karma is not free!

I really appreciate the simple set of goals and getting pure statistics to move on and always know what I'm up to. I earn karma points for completing tasks, which are such a personal reward for how I do. 

I admire Todoist because there is a great team behind him

I'm happy to support the people behind the entire product by purchasing the Premium version. Not only do they make a great product. But follow one of them on Twitter or other networks. You will find that they are very knowledgeable people, enthusiastic about the product, and mainly thanks to their content, they help with education.

It's such an uncomplicated summary of why and also how I use Todoist. I will be very happy about your opinions on why and how you use the management tools. I do not convince anyone to use it; I only suggest why Todoist could suit your needs.P.

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