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March 26, 2021

News on the field of design tools (Adobe XD, Figma, Webflow)

‍Figma community, Adobe XD flows, Webflow clipping for gradients, backgrounds, and colors. Those are extremely great new updates or features by design tools I use on a daily basis. Let's talk about them deeper.

Figma community

Figma community is connecting together all customers in one source of truth, where other designers can share their Kits, Systems, or Workflows. Figma community also helps you to understand how other designers (or companies) works. It's just up to you how you will use those sources on the path of becoming a better designer.

Adobe XD flows

As I am using Adobe XD mostly for my side projects I am so happy Adobe released this feature to helps me simpler and with the more understandable way the different design flows like designing for different breakpoints, AB testing designs, and others with a single xd source. Cool! Let's check the video below!

Webflow clipping

And last! Don't forget about my best Website builder, the Webflow, and their new feature clipping. Which is pretty cool, when you want for example good looking headers to your website!

Image source: https://webflow.com/

Those are few extremely helpful features for me, which are going to help me on the path of becoming a better designer.

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