Updates on my Creative Market journey - end of 2023


November 14, 2023



Creative Market is a well-known term among designers and digital business owners for its large collection of great design assets, ranging from illustrations to icons, and more. However, since I started my journey on the Creative Market store two years ago, a lot has changed.

To be honest, the biggest issue so far has been the commissions. Creative Market takes 50% of your sales, and when you factor in taxes, you end up with only 20-30% of your earnings. It can be tough to see such a small portion in the end. My suggestion would be not to focus too much on the analytics, as it may lead to disappointment. Hopefully, someone from the Creative Market team will read this and consider reducing the commissions or finding alternative ways to generate revenue instead of solely relying on creators.

Now let's talk about my revenue stream as a Design Contributor on Creative Market:

Revenue for 2023:

Total Revenue: $502 (+22%)
Total earnings: $173 (+7%)
Products sold: 34 (+36%)

Revenue for Q3 2023:

Total Revenue: $111 (-27%)
Total earnings: $51 (-3%)
Products sold: 7 (-30%)

If you ask me whether selling with Creative Market is worth it, I just don't have a clear answer on this because the commissions simply suck. However, I am also selling those digitals on my Gumroad store, and Creative Market is just a part of my very small revenue income. I don't do any sort of marketing or promotion, yet it still gives me some small amount of money per year that I can use for whatever I need. So why not?

From a business perspective, it is much easier to do client work for better money.

You can follow my previous posts about selling on Creative Market to learn more.

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Do you sell some digital assets? Feel free to share your insights!

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