Webflow vs. wordpress comparison - The reasons I picked Webflow


2022-08-20 13:03



Wordpress is written in a classic PHP programming language. Originally it was a Content Management System used for writing and publishing text. Over the years it gained quite a bit of popularity and became a tool which can easily build a whole website.

Webflow, however, is a platform prepared directly for designing and creating websites. It is built on a modern cloud SaaS solution. You will have to pay a couple of bucks for Webflow but in return you will receive some benefits and support. Webflow allows you to design, manage and publish a website.

Creating a website using Webflow or Wordpress

You need to prepare the graphics for Wordpress if pre-made templates are not enough for you. You can fill the design with your own content to the last detail. Based on your needs you can adjust even the code optimization where you can insert all the texts concerning SEO. All you need to do then is to register a domain, arrange hosting and set up the servers. During the final adjustments you can test your website using a test and live mode. With Wordpress, you’re running the website yourself.

Webflow needs graphics as well. You can design it yourself while creating the website, or you can create it in advance. This system allows you to create the website based on your needs. You don’t have to code the web. The only thing you have to do is a domain registration which will then connect and you don’t have to deal with hosting or server. Webflow will do them for you. It will also handle basic SEO parameters and performance optimization.

Do you prefer design from professionals or custom-made?

Wordpress offers a wide selection of pre-made templates for beginning web developers. You only need to install such template and cleverly fill it with your content to capture your visitors. Watch out for incompatible or outdated template designs which could harm your website.

Webflow also has a wide variety of template designs that are verified by the professionals and thanks to the unified system you, as a beginner, can absolutely rely on them.

How to fill your website with content?

Do you have the Content Management System from Wordpress? Then only thing you need to do is to upload your files to your hosting. You can easily change the text of your submitted posts in the CMS after logging into your Wordpress interface where you’re writing your posts. You’ll run a spellcheck and then you can just save it and publish. When editing static pages, you will most likely have to edit the source file and upload it again to your hosting.

Do you want to edit a text on the website built with Webflow? If you want to edit CMS posts, follow the same steps as with Wordpress. You will write your content in the administration, save it and publish. You can edit static texts as you need by clicking on any word on the website and substitute it with another. If you click and edit the text originating from the CMS, the change will be automatically saved into the database.

Enhance your web with Webflow and Wordpress plugins

Wordpress allows you to enhance your web with many plugins that will allow your web to gain new abilities without the need for an experienced programmer. Watch out, however, for updates which Wordpress likes to do quite often. With paid plugins you have lower risk of web downtime, incompatibility, holes in the code or lower security.

Webflow offers variety of uses guaranteed directly by its developers without the necessity to install additional plugins. The system is the same, you cannot install anything dangerous in it and you don’t have to deal with subsequent problems. There is of course a variety of plugins which don’t compromise the quality of your website or its system.


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Think about the security of your website

When it comes to the web, security comes first. You never know which hacker can take control of your many years of work and put your business in danger. In case of Wordpress, check the errors in code, correct settings of security certificates and updated Wordpress version.

Webflow has an advantage that all these prerequisites are handled by the developers, including the SSL certificate.

Don’t forget to backup your website

Keep your website backed up regularly. Don’t forget to keep track of regular backups with Wordpress. You can do it manually by simply copying the data, or the hosting service can do it for you. With a plugin you can backup your website automatically in regular intervals.

Webflow automatically runs backups in regular intervals without the need of installing relevant plugin. In case of problems you can choose older website version by the time of the backup and renew your web within couple of seconds.

SEO settings on Webflow and Wordpress

Let your website be visible for all your visitors.  With Wordpress you set all the parameters manually, some settings you will write into the code. With plugins you can save work and time.

Webflow monitors basic SEO parameters. It will offer you to fill it on every page or CMS post so you won’t forget.

When to use Wordpress?

Wordpress is suitable for anyone who wants a simple page that will serve as a business card. You don’t have to pay and if you need any plugins you can install them yourself. Wordpress is suitable for those, who need functions more tailored to their needs, e.g. working with users etc.

When to use Webflow?

If you want to create a website that is tailored to your needs and want to avoid all technical matters while saving money on operating costs, maintenance and adjustments of the website that would otherwise have to be done by an experienced programmer, this option is for you. You make all the adjustments without needing anyone else.

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