What does a humble designer's journey mean to me?


March 8, 2023



I am definitely not the best designer, but I strive to be the best person for my loved ones and community. On my journey, I try to listen to my heart and feelings before profit. I believe this path makes me a better person and father - now an example to my daughter.

Family has become my number one priority

I have always been a bit of an introvert who enjoyed being in my own bubble. Becoming a father has reinforced this bubble, but it has also made me realize that what fulfills me is spending time with my family. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing my children grow and spending time with loved ones.

This has allowed me to find the right partners for my work, who understand these values. Whether it is as a visual designer for Lemonero or as a freelance graphic designer for side projects.

I listen to my inner feelings. I have finally learned to turn down projects, not only because of time constraints but mainly because they do not align with my values or what I truly believe in. Simply put, I will not make iOS apps when I know I am better at desktop applications. I will not make print materials when I live in the online world. These patterns have helped me listen more to my feelings and find a more direct path to expanding my knowledge in what fulfills me.

I have stopped thinking about money

It is one of the toughest things on my design journey. Offers come and go, and some are tempting. But it is important to take a step back and ask yourself what you want from life and where you want to go. The answer may be, for example, "I know I do not want to sacrifice my free time with family for more money," or "I know I want to work remotely and not in an office to be closer to my family." Each decision makes you who you are and builds your personality - which leads to humility and inner peace.

I try to be close to people who need and want my help

Many of you may know this feeling. You invest a lot of energy in someone, teach them, and dedicate your hard-earned time, but what do you get in return? Nothing. It is one of the things I honestly hate. Therefore, I try to be close only to people who want my help. This applies to my personal and professional life.

If, for example, you also like personal development tips as a designer, or you are interested in interesting online design tips, please follow me on Twitter, and we might help each other in some way :-)

I don't want to be influenced by bad people and opinions

'What is a bad person and opinion?' you might ask. Each of us perceives it differently, as what is bad for some may not be bad for others. What I wanted to say, however, is that it is always good to surround yourself with people with whom you can go on a common journey and support each other in some way. Support is the right word I was looking for. Because the right people will want to support and motivate you, not drag you down or influence you :-).

I still remind myself that very little is needed for a happy life

Are money essential for a happy life? Perhaps to some extent, but... It is essential to know that money makes the world go round, but it should not shake your world. Remember why you became a designer, that desire for the feeling of simple craft and creation. That is what should drive you forward, not how much you get paid. Of course, it is essential to be able to charge for your work, but it is not about chasing money.

I have been trying to walk the path of humility for a long time, but last year, when my father had a stroke, I realized how 'fragile' life can be. Situations and your actions can change from day to day. But now, I am grateful that we can be healthy and live a content life with our family.

I am a humble designer and hopefully, a better person.

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How about you? What are your values and paths? Feel free to chat with me on my Twitter @BilekUI.

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