From Zero to Hero

From Zero to Hero



January 26, 2021

The look behind from starting my side projects. What I've done. How I Reached and when I am going to flow.

A year ago, I started working on my first design asset called Line Icon Pack. I have now done other 6 freebie products for Figma's and Adobe XD's users and not just them. The way how fast we grew-up from zero to 10k users is incredible. And I am moving forward and improving the packages step by step.

Step 1:Be remarkable and memorable.

This is the most important step as a designer. Just figure out where you are best and what do you want to do in that area. Make your brand, which allows you to focus on your goals.

As I wanted to be more memorable, I have rebranded my site and communication, including all of my products, to be more clear and organized.

Step 2: Point your goals and start creating

The goals are mostly challenges, as I want to improve my skills and help others. Here is the example.

I was (and still I am) fascinated about the icon design, the process behind it, the ability and usage of the projects. The icons are just one of the points where I wanted to improve my skills. So I decided to build an icons library, and by your feedback, I've been improving my skills.

The product design is floating with my career from the beginning. I love everything behind the scene. The communication, analysis, designing, and improving ... So, I pointed out the next goal: to prepare some additional UI packs that should help others start their growth.

And here I am ...

Step 3: The future

As I am still certainly not sure where the wind flows. I pinned a few goals I would love to reach in future years as humankind and designer.

Start with Premium Design Assets

As you probably mentioned. I started designing the Iconuioo - The 800+ editable icon pack. It's a super-fast growing icon library that will be scaling very fast, and it's the best time to get it now with an alfa-stage price of $8. So if you love my products, you should definitely give a shot to Iconuioo!

I am on the path

to become a designer bringing additional values to your inbox. I want to start writing more. This means I am improving my English skills (as I am based in Czechia). Also, reading many books will give me the observation skills to prepare more knowledgeable topics for you.

I want to be a better person

don't get me wrong. I am OK. However, I want to stop working so hard. Spend my time with my family, and enjoy life a bit more. The side projects like Iconuioo should help me increase my revenue stream a bit and focus only on things I love.

I wish you a creative week,

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