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March 26, 2021

Hardest, but most valuable to my feelings: Giving all my products for free

I truly want to help other designers on their path. This was the only reason why I am giving all my products for free even for commercial! So I am giving a helping hand.

Do you know sometimes the feelings you need to do some kind of things differently?

Those feelings grabbing me down with my design kits. So I had to make a changes in those areas.

All my products are free now - even for commercial use!

I wants to help other designers to bring valuable digital assets for free. This will helps me to get in touch with designers community more deeply. So I could focus on the tutorials and additional design content more.

Which products you can download

Line Icon Pack

320+ Line Icon Pack - Custom stroke edition is an icon-based system for your design tool.


Collection of 160+ handcrafted icons for presentations, web and product design.

Illustrations vol.1

Illustrations for Figma, Adobe XD and Adobe Illustrator with a unique simple and hand draw style.

Adobe XD - Starter Kit

Adobe XD - Starter Kit is UI kit based on the main Web components to help you start designing and web apps without breaking limits of your creativity.

All of those assets are going to be free for commercial. You can read a full licence here.

This is a small statement with a huge impact on yours and mine path as a designer.

Stay tuned and have fun with all of my packages!


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