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March 26, 2021

Config Europe: Figma “launched” a load of updates

#ConfigEurope is one of the design conventions you don’t want to miss.

This year’s was unique thanks to the situation related to COVID. The entire conference was held online and it was magical. The community around Figma is really friendly and very strong. As strong as the “load of updates” that was introduced to us by the #Figma CEO - Dylan Field himself in the introduction.

Announced updates include

📐Variants - Variants bring better and faster options concerning system design coordination.

📁 Instance Swapping - Probably all of you know the scenario of searching in instances.

💡 Auto Layout 3.0 - We already know Auto Layout as such from Figma. However, its new version brings new possibilities. Thanks to that, the behavior of all components aspects will be more variable.

💊 Interactive Components - Prototyping takes on new dimensions thanks to this feature. It’s end of the repetitive tasks and head straight to variable prototypes which will give your prototypes more real impression

💻 Inspect - New inspect will be appreciated mainly by your developers who will be able to easily access the target values.

Watch the whole video

The video also shows the examples of the above mentioned features.

This way I would like to thank to everyone who is behind the product and especially for what they are doing for the community around Figma - listen, help.


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