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Craft incredible emails with Email Starter

We all need to send emails. From time to time, we need to design the first and introduce our team or client and than to get it live.

Introducing Email Starter. Ultimate design email assets bringing most often email components to your Figma and Adobe XD tool.

Just simply jump to project and start theming everything you need. Email Starter is a super helpful kit to boost your email creativity without starting from scratch.

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With love made for XD and Figma users.

No more crafting emails from scratch

Use Layouts and Themes

Predefined Layouts and Themes will help you start your new email design.

Desktop and Mobile

Everything is ready to use for both breakpoints such as Desktop and Mobile.

Yes, yes - Dark mode

Easilly pick between dark and light mode of your email templates. Dark side is waiting.

Most often components

Email Starter including all necessary components to design email templates.

300+ stroked icons

Get the most with Line Icon Pack connected to the project. No worries you can easilly change them.

Typography assets

Change, Resize, Re-use. With few clicks change the view of the project by switching the fonts.

Color Assets

About 30 clicksand everything is ready to usewith your brand colors.


Simply switch between many variants to find out the best option. Without any design skills.

Auto Layout

Change content and everything will set-up for you. Both Figma and XD files using Auto-Layout.

Download now

With love made for XD and Figma users.

Craft smart emails with Email Starter

Email Starter is here to help you design good looking emails with few clicks.

Download now

With love made for XD and Figma users.

Most Frequently
Asked Questions

What’s included in the package?

You will get Figma and Adobe XD file including everything you need. The Color assets, Typography assets, Layouts and Themes, Icons, Components. All well structured and organized to overall great experience.

Can I use it even if I did not have design skills?

Designers, marketers, developers. Everyone can cooperate on the project and bring ideas alive. The Auto-Layout and Variant feature will help you to wireframe and design easilly without design skills needed.

Can I use it even if I did not have design skills?

Absolutely not. You are allowed to use this packages even for commercial use. However you are not allowed to redistribute it. You can read more on licence.